These instructions may seem arcane and complex but they're really easy if you just follow along step by step.  Donald Burr  of Otaku No Podcast  ( created all of these instructions in text form, Allison just created the ScreenSteps tutorial!  

I'll be focusing on using a Mac on your home network using an Airport Extreme Router (of course any router will work but the screenshots will be for the Airport).  If you have a router capable of installing the Tomato Router Firmware, you should look at Donald's full instructions because you may not need to use a Mac at all for this, your router can do it all.  See Donald's notes for other options.

Read Donald's instructions ===> here.

Steps to Success

We're going to go through nine steps, some more complicated than others.

In order to connect into your home Mac to use it as a VPN server, we need to give the Mac an internal network static IP and we need to be able to get to your network from the outside, even though you probably don't have a static IP, and that's where comes into play. We need to install Xcode to get the command line tools in order to run MacPorts which lets us use some Linux commands and install what are called Tuntap drivers.  Next we'll run some nifty scripts (of doom) from Donald Burr to help us create certificates for each of our devices that need to connect to our VPN.  We need to open up one teeny port on our router, and then finally we get to install software on our devices to be able to connect to the VPN server.

  1. Setting Up a Static IP for the Server on the LAN Side
  2. Creating Account at
  3. Installing Xcode and Running Command Line Tools
  4. Installing MacPorts
  5. Installing Tuntap Drivers
  6. Donald’s Nifty Scripts of Doom
  7. Opening up UDP Port 1194
  8. Install VPN Software on iOS
  9. Install VPN Software on OSX




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